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Living with depression and other mental health conditions is hard, but can be especially difficult when one treatment after another doesn’t help and often medications leading to unwanted side effects!


Don’t lose hope!


Finding the right treatment can take time but rTMS may be the treatment that will make you feel like you again. 58% of patients with treatment resistant depression respond positively with rTMS.

rTMS Treatments

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    To arrange a free telephone consultation or to ask us questions about how rTMS therapy can help you, call us today on 01925 661721 or email us at info@experttms.co.uk


    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, known as rTMS, is a form of non-invasive brain stimulation treatment. rTMS provides an effective non-pharmaceutical treatment to mental health problems with limited side effects

    The basic principle of rTMS is to target short magnetic pulses over the scalp to stimulate specific brain regions that regulate conditions like depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. The method may be used alongside medication but doesn’t require it to start seeing results. Furthermore, our process is pain-free and therefore requires absolutely no anaesthetics or sedatives.

    As well as avoiding unwanted side-effects, rTMS acts much faster than antidepressants and doesn’t require the patient to change their daily activities, as our method is based on science and not routine.

    rTMS has been tested in over 60 clinical studies worldwide. In the UK, The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) provides independent national evidenced based guidance and advice to improve health. It has been approved since 2015 by NICE. It has been fully licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA since 2008, and is routinely used to treat depression in many centres across Europe.

    Some insurance providers cover the costs of treatment.

    To arrange a free telephone consultation or to ask us questions about how rTMS therapy can help you, call us today on 01925 661721 or email us at info@experttms.co.uk


    TMS Feedback

    “For the last 15 years, because of depression, I have slowly watched my life slip away from me. I can’t say TMS treatment gave me my life back, because the life I have now is a life I have never known.”​ 


    TMS Patient

    “From the beginning, Nithya and Lyn were very kind and helpful and always at the end of an email if there were any questions. My son was able to go and have the treatment on his own, and found it very straight forward.  I strongly recommend this treatment at Expert TMS. It has been a life changer. “


    TMS Patient

    “TMS Therapy has changed my life. I suffered from severe medication resistant depression for most of my adult life. For the first time in almost 20 years I am off all anti-depression medications! I feel like a new person and my family says that they are glad to finally have ‘me’ back!”


    TMS Patient

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